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Places I Got To Travel To By Being Involved, In College

I was involved in pretty much everything during my undergraduate years. I was in the marching band and basketball band all four years, I was in two different sororities, I was in the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Services' VOST, I worked as a reporter at the campus paper, I was the "weather girl"… Continue reading Places I Got To Travel To By Being Involved, In College

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Why I Shop At Farmers Markets When I Travel

When you think about travelling, you probably think one of two things when it comes to food. Either that you're going to spend a fortune on going out to eat for every meal, or you're going super cheap and eating bologna and cheese sandwiches for every meal. Neither of these should be the answer. You… Continue reading Why I Shop At Farmers Markets When I Travel

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8 Weekend Trips for Texas Tech Students (and everyone else in the Texas Panhandle)

So we, as Texas Tech students, know that we literally chose to be completely isolated from all the major cities in Texas by moving to Lubbock. We know that! But our friends that go to other universities, in more centrally-located areas, like our aggie friends and longhorn friends, always give us a hard time by… Continue reading 8 Weekend Trips for Texas Tech Students (and everyone else in the Texas Panhandle)

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Best Places To See Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are the official state flower of the Lone Star State. Every year, starting around March, thousands of these blue flowers adorn the sides of the highways that sprawl hundreds of miles across the state. But there are a few places in Texas where the bluebonnets are the best, the brightest, and the most concentrated… Continue reading Best Places To See Texas Bluebonnets

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Stargazing: Best Parks In Texas

Texas is known to have big, open skies during the day, and this stays true even when the sun sets below the horizon. Because of the large distance between some of the major cities, many places in the Lone Star State have amazing places to lay out and stare up at the heavens. Here are… Continue reading Stargazing: Best Parks In Texas

Edisto Island, SC - May 2017, Sights To Explore:

Exploring: Edisto Island Serpentarium   During my trip to Edisto Island, South Carolina, my family and I spent an afternoon at Edisto Island Serpentarium. The Edisto Island Serpentarium is a locally owned reptile house, housing many different species of snakes, alligators, turtles, and other reptiles! The purpose of their facility is to keep the preservation, recognition, and study… Continue reading Exploring: Edisto Island Serpentarium

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Exploring: Lubbock Lake Landmark

The Lubbock Lake Landmark is a historical landmark and archeological site located just outside the city of Lubbock, Texas. The site is home to a museum, which inside explains the tales of those who made their way to the Lubbock Lake area thousands of years ago. Outside of the building, there are many different paths… Continue reading Exploring: Lubbock Lake Landmark