Edisto Island, SC - May 2017

Huntsville, Alabama: Drive Back From Edisto Island, SC

On the way back from Edisto Island, SC, my family and I drove through the state of Georgia to spend a day in Huntsville, Alabama, or Rocket City USA.

To get there, we ended up driving through the Atlanta metro area and all the way through the northern Georgia/southern Tennessee (through Chattanooga) hills.

In Huntsville, we met up with family and toured the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. It was really fun walking around and seeing all of the dated spacecraft. We even saw a moon rock and a display of the inside of a rocket! The center also has an omni IMAX theater where we watched a movie before touring the entire place. The center is a LOT bigger than you would expect! We walked outside a lot, but thankfully in the humid heat, they had a snow cone truck on the premises to get a nice cooling dessert from! But really, I would definitely recommend that as an attraction to anyone desiring to travel to Huntsville.

Overall, Huntsville was a really quaint city, and I really enjoyed it. Plus the scenery around that entire area of Alabama is gorgeous.


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