Edisto Island, SC - May 2017, Sights To Explore:

Exploring: Edisto Island Serpentarium


During my trip to Edisto Island, South Carolina, my family and I spent an afternoon at Edisto Island Serpentarium.

The Edisto Island Serpentarium is a locally owned reptile house, housing many different species of snakes, alligators, turtles, and other reptiles!

The purpose of their facility is to keep the preservation, recognition, and study of reptiles alive. They do this by having educational displays of these reptiles around the facility. These reptiles are from around the world as well as some native to the region.

The facility has an indoor area as well as an outdoor area.

EdistoIslandSerpentariumproof Large Image Web copy1

The indoor area has encased snakes and reptiles on the sides of the room for viewing as well as a large, open, indoor snake habitat with the larger snakes. They also have an albino alligator housed inside for viewing.

The outdoor area has many different habitats for you to go look at. There are alligator habitats, a turtle habitat, and a non-venomous snake observatory as well as a venomous snake observatory. Both snake observatories are out and open in the air. You can see the snakes with no glass in between you and the reptiles.

In the outdoor section, they also host snake shows. In the snake shows, the presenter brings boxes with different snakes out onto the stage. They then show them to the audience and teach them about the certain snakes they bring out. It is a very educational and fun experience! They even let us hold some of the non-venomous snakes after the show!

The serpentarium is a great place to bring family, friends and kids to learn about the magnificent world of reptiles. So when in Edisto Island, stop here at the serpentarium!

For more information about Edisto Island Serpentarium, click here!


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