On one of the days on my family’s vacation, we spent most of the day at the shore at Edisto Beach.

At the beach, we walked down to several beach access points, and collected a multitude of seashells including three big conch shells.

We also found a trapped horseshoe crab in the rocks, and so we decided to save it. My dad picked it up and tossed it back into the ocean. It got carried back into the water by the crashing waves, and we watched it as it swam away.

That afternoon we arrived back at our resort house at the Wyndham resort on the island, and in our backyard we had a pond. We looked and saw many wildlife creatures including egrets, turtles and an alligator! The alligator popped up and was staring at us. It didn’t try to attack or anything. He was just watching us closely.

Here’s the video to our day at the beach!