Edisto Island, SC - May 2017

Edisto Island, South Carolina: Days 4 & 5

My family took a vacation to Edisto Island, South Carolina in May 2017.

On day 4 of the vacation, we boarded on a boat behind Edisto Seafood to go on a three hour fishing charter expedition. We were originally planned to go out into the ocean, but since the waves were tall, and the weather was iffy, we ended up going saltwater fishing around the island and in the river that leads to the ocean.

It was extremely fun! Captain Jimmy was great! He really knew the area and was really knowledgable about saltwater fishing! He was also really fun to talk with!

We stopped in multiple places on the charter, but sadly, the fish weren’t biting. But that’s okay. Even though we ended up going home empty handed, we still got to see tons of wildlife like pelicans, sea birds, egrets and even dolphins!

After we fished, we ended up getting some shrimp at the front counter at Edisto Seafood, and they gave it to us for free since we didn’t catch anything. It was really kind of them. I would definitely go back for another fishing charter. Maybe I’ll be luckier next time! Haha!

On day 5, it was a chill day, and we just rode around the island to see the sights and go shopping. The island is very lush with greenery and very beautiful to take a drive on.

Here is the video to sum up days 4 & 5 of my Edisto Island, South Carolina vacation.


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