Edisto Island, SC - May 2017

Charleston, South Carolina: (Day 6)

(The video is at the end of the post)

On the sixth day of my vacation to South Carolina, we meandered outside of Edisto Island, and went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit some cousins I have that I had never met before!

When we went to Charleston, we first met up with my cousins before taking on the day.

We met up with them at their hotel in the historic area of the city. The first thing we did was take a horse drawn carriage tour around the historic district. Our tour guide was super knowledgeable and fun to listen to. My favorite quote of our tour guide was when he said:

“Boiled peanuts are the caviar of the South!”

After the enjoyable and informative tour, we stopped to take a tour of the Daughters of Confederacy building. It was a building that had a museum about the confederacy inside of it. It is maintained by generations after generations of daughters of the people that gave the items for the museum. The museum has a small entrance fee but is very worth it. It’s super interesting.

After we toured that and walked through the market, we ate at Toast!, a southern restaurant that is famous for it’s breakfast, but they sell lunch as well. I had a delicious breakfast platter and on the side of my plate, I was given a GIANT biscuit. It was the biggest biscuit I had ever seen before, and it was, easily, the size of my hand.

After brunch, we walked to get to the ferry that takes you to Fort Sumter National Monument. Fort Sumter is the location where the beginning of the civil war began. Fort Sumter is located off the coast of South Carolina, at the entrance to the open ocean.

Before we got onto the ferry, we toured the museum at the port. When we got onto the boat to get to the fort, the speaker system talked about the history of Fort Sumter as well as pointing out the sights you could see from the sides of the boat.

It was about a half hour boat ride to the monument, and we had an hour to walk around the area as well as listen to the ranger talks.

After our tour at Fort Sumter, we took a break to get drinks at an Irish bar called Mac’s Place. I ended up getting a Shirley Temple.

After that, we walked around and decided to get dinner at a place called Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill. It was a really nice restaurant that had AMAZING food. I had a seafood stew with a side of mashed potatoes. Best mashed potatoes. Ever.

Our waitress was really nice too. Her name was Madison and we had a ball with talking to her. We even asked her to bring up their in-house pastry chef, and he gave us a delicious dessert.

The day ended with us saying goodbye to our cousins and driving the hour and a half back to our resort house in Edisto Beach. This was definitely my favorite day of my vacation.


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